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Looking and feeling beautiful is what both women and men wish to have. There are numbers of contrasting treatments and various cosmetic products are used by them to increase and enhance the elements that contribute to increasing the beauty and attraction of the face. Most of the treatments are related to the face and the hairs. Gone are the days when one was easily able to count the types of facials and morning routine and night routine. With billions of people living in this world, intelligent brains have worked their ways to learn about different types of skins and the types of cosmetics that will suit the specific type of skin.

Eyebrow waxing:

Eyebrows are that part of the face that can easily change the entire look of the face without makeup. Properly shaped eyebrows add to the beauty of the face and lift the entire look. Several ways have been used to shape eyebrows over the years. One of the ways to shape the eyebrows was to use tweezers. Tweezers were used to plug eyebrow hairs separately to shape the brow. The other method was to use the thread. This was only used by the professionals as the mistake can ruin the eyebrow. Waxing is now widely used to shape the eyebrows. There are different types of waxing materials used in the process depending on the salon to salon and person to person as per their skin type because often, a wax made out of chemical is quite harsh for the people with sensitive skin hence, they tend to go for the natural material.

Three types of waxes are used for the eyebrows, cold wax and wax strips, hot wax and sugaring wax.

Sugaring wax:

Sugaring wax is the oldest method of removing unwanted hairs from the body. It was originated from the Middle East and there are two types of sugar wax. First is like any other hot wax that is heated to a certain bearable temperature for its utilization and then removed by the help of cotton or a paper strip. Anybody can make it easily at home. The second one is easier to use but requires practising to make it. It is like a soft rubber and clay dough and is used without heating. It is hard-pressed on the required area and then pulled away in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Hot wax:

Hot wax is the type of wax that is used by heating it. This has two types as well. First, that requires paper or cotton stripes to pull it away after the application. The second is known as the bean wax that does not require the strips to pull away. This type of wax is made out of chemicals and everybody can use it.

Cold wax:

This type of wax is quite easy to use. This wax can easily give a neat and precise look that one desires. The stripes can be cut according to the required length and use them accordingly.

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